Mr. West Cafe Bar is proud to partner up with Campos Coffee, originally from Sydney, Australia. For over two decades Campos has been a leader in the specialty coffee movement, setting the standard for great quality coffee. Campos recently started roasting here in the U.S and we are excited to bring their coffee to our patrons. Mr. West takes pride in ensuring every guest feels as if they’re part of the Mr. West family, and are proud to welcome Campos Coffee to the fold.

We’re both passionate about making the coffee experience as enjoyable as possible for everyone who has a hand in it, from growers to roasters to baristas, all the way through to the customer. We both recognize that coffee doesn’t just grow on trees. Every coffee experience starts and ends with the best fruit; Mr. West and Campos believe in thoughtfully sourcing only the best varieties and supporting the farmers who harvest the coffee we love.

The partnership is one built on shared values and a commitment to ethics and sustainability at every step of the coffee journey.

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