Mr. West Cafe Bar is proud to announce the launch of our very own coffee program, MRWST COFFEE. In partnership with second generation roaster and coffee expert, Matt Milletto of Water Ave, roasted in Portland, Oregon, our focus and intention is to continue serving the best cup of coffee and espresso – morning, noon and night.

The approach in our cafes is to build our success on what we love, the foundation of which is our passion for hospitality and the care we put into our product offering. Mr. West is passionate about making the coffee experience as enjoyable as possible for everyone who has a hand in it, from growers to our roasting partner to our skillfully trained baristas, all the way through to the customer. We recognize that coffee doesn’t just grow on trees. Every coffee experience starts and ends with the best fruit; Mr. West believes in thoughtfully sourcing only the best coffees, supporting the farmers who harvest the coffee we love, and serving them to you in expert fashion.

Our cafes are a place for everyone to come together over delicious coffee, food, wine and cocktails. We strive for quality in every decision, every day, and look forward to our journey together.

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